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We are here to provide complete Indoor Farming Solutions from Vertical Growth Racks to Advanced LED Lighting, Irrigation, Seeding, Transplanting, Harvesting, Tray washing system, and more. 

Our Indoor Farming Solution enable you to improve your farming processes and boost your farm productivity to the maximum level.

Latest Portfolio:

Indoor Farm Proshop Setup

What we offer

Cutting Edge Farming Technology

We design and build Vertical Growth Rack, Seeding, Transplanting, and Harvesting systems by ourselves. We use our latest technology to develop all these machines based on market needs and research. Hence we provide complete solutions for every problem.

Bespoke Service

To make the best production lines for your specific company, we supply automatic solutions that serve every part of your growing process from young plant cultivation up to packaging. 

Durable, High Quality Materials

We believe in working on the quality and materials of the product will make us long-term partners. All of our projects are built for intensive use. It will keep your production process constant and reliable over the long run.


Innovation is the heartbeat of our organization.  We innovate production by combining standard products with disruptive innovation every day. We focus on the entire supply chain to see where we can add value to the processes.

Robotic Harvesting System.jpeg

R&D Robotic Harvesting System

Automatic Seeding System

The Possibilities Are Endless

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We are here to help you build your dream farm and improve your farm processes.

Tick-Tek Sustainable Technology Pte Ltd

 Tick-Tek Sustainable Technology Pte Ltd.

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